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My genius son

His idol...

           My eldest son is quite a genius, but he's a hyperactive kid. Although he's hyper, he still do his best in his life and with all the support from us, grandparents, family and friends.. Recently he received few awards from school. The best student in class, 1st for English and runners up for maths. Congratulate, boy.. He's very keen in scientist, inventor, creator, science and he's a very good living dictionary for the family. He can memories all the inventor and scientist biography.. Even his Facebook timeline photo is Solar System.

My genius

           Its all started when he saw an Eagle flying in the bright sky near our home, then he started to tell me the story about the Eagle... This story is about Eagle, America & Benjamin Franklin..
I ask him, how you know  how can you remember all that? He told me, he ever read the story then he show me the book. I was really shocked that he can memorised all the important years number, story , the important date and details. Amazing huh!!! He show me the book and i read it my own, its really interesting story in it.

America Bald Eagle
Photo credit to Chris Bailey

            Here is the story goes. No other birds are as famous as the American Eagle, which had  been around for so long that they became a United State (U.S.) fixture. Just do a little bird watching on your quarters and dollar bills; Check out your local post office: Look at the top of your flagpoles. Is the eagle an important part of the America culture? Without a doubt!

            To trace how these birds' popularity came about, lets have some historical background. Though they're  now the premier American symbol, they had ups and downs for hundreds of years.

             Eagle were already displayer on ancient monuments, statues and coins centuries before the American Revolution. Then in the American colonies, the eagle was used on a 1700 brass token in New York and in a 1776 copper penny in Massachusetts.

             However, eagles did not always have it easy going, in the case for being used as a symbolic representation. For a moment in the American history, eagles almost did not quite get the seal of approval. On 4 of July, 1776, committees started designing the official seal of the U.S., the mark that was imprinted in wax on all U.S. official treaties. A final was not adopted until six years later, on 20 June 1782. This was apparently an arduous task. 

             The committees eventually unanimously chose a design, the distinctive American Eagle, bald-headed and beautiful, as the large central figure, bearing a shield, clutching on olive branch in the right talon, and thirteen in its left. This decision was timely as the seal was soon needed to sign the peace treaty with Great Britain.

America Emblem.
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             The main reason why the American Eagle was selected was that historically, eagle were associated with ancient majesty, power and military victory. On the contrary, Benjamin Franklin had a different opinion. He wanted the U.S. to adopt the Turkey as its emblem. Franklin's argument was that the turkey was native to America, he also pointed out that the Thanksgiving Gobbler is quite fierce if attacked, while eagles are known to steal others birds' prey.

Benjamin Franklin
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             Once the eagle design was selected, eagles became the official bird of honour. You could see them on weathervanes, silver cups, buttons, money, ships, door knockers, over the doors of the buildings and woven into cloth. Literally everything for sale displayed an eagle. American eagle continue to be popular today. You can find many business with the word 'Eagle' in their names. Alternatively, you can browse through store shelves for eagle brand names. The bird is so well-known around the world that the U.S. host symbols for the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles was a cartoon-style American eagle sporting a red, white and blue top hat.
In 1969 when the Lunar Lander touches down on thee moon for the first time, its name was announced worldwide with this words: 'The Eagle has landed'. 
Recently American bald eagle made the news again. After many years, t  hey've been taken off the endangered species list in America. Factor which led to the return of this magnificent birds' glory days include laws that ban the use of pesticide DDT and protection of eagles from hunters, predators, and habitat threats. All thanks to the increasedd greatly, according to the wilflife officials, from only 417 nesting pairs in 1963 to 5,748 pairs in 1998! Far from extinct, the American eagle is flying high... (This story is from the book that my genius had read before) This story is from

     To all readers out there who have a special kid, do try to learn, treasure & study about them. Support them and try to put yourself in their world, you may find out they do have a beautiful world out there. Just appreciate and grateful for what the god had gave to us... Eddy Tan, thanks for what you have gave us, you make us proud...

Happy reading...


  1. Really Genius your son..sis..

  2. Thanks.. Yes he is, even he did told me that he want to learn Italian language so that he can work for Ferrari(his dream), i'm looking around for someone who can teach Italian...


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