Monday, 10 December 2012


For your GOAL!!

Mr & Mrs I, I would like to congratulate the both of you for what you both had done just to achieve your GOAL with the LIES & the FALSE story that you created with your NASTY mind.
TRUTH is important.

Its ok with me for everything that you've done!!!

TRY me!!!

No PAIN, no GAIN...

Its TRUE!!!

GOD is always with ME!!

I would like to thanks Mr. & Mrs. T for giving the FAIR JUSTICE, from black to WHITE & white to BLACK. I'll just accepted it with the most GRATEFUL way.. Thanks...

What is a HOME without CHILDREN?

Nothing is more important for me than my CHILDREN which was given by HEAVEN... 

Now, i'll just leave all the SAD, BAD & PAINFUL story behind and let GOD to HANDLE it for me, so i'll never waste my ENERGY at all...

He saw everything & listening to my PRAYER now...

Letter from GOD after receiving my PRAYER!!!

LIFE goes on.. There's a nice road ahead of me that been in store 
for me by GOD..


Today is your day, you can celebrate with joy, but remember its not i'm the one you gonna 
face it, its the GOD above us that you need to face it... Good luck...

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