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Israel & Palestine

History of the Israel & Palestine war. 
To all Malaysian reader, this is just some history that i wanted to share. Especially for those who had misunderstood of this war. This is not a RELIGIOUS war, its just a war of conquering of lands. Please read carefully, even my 12 yrs old son can tell the actual history..

The ancient homeland of the Jews was the land around Jerusalem. The Jews were expelled from Israel during the Diaspora in AD 70 and settled in other part of the world. The land, now called Palestine, had for many years been part of Ottoman empire. The Jews' desire to return to their homeland led a long conflict with the people living there.

Most Palestinians were Arabs. Small numbers of Jews, known as Zionists,began to settle in Palestine. The Ottoman empire was breaking up following Turkey's defeat in World War I. The new League of Nations gave Britain its mandate (permission) to rule Palestine in the short term.
Jews continued to settle in Palestine, especially during the 1930s when the Nazis in Germany began to persecute German Jews. To escape imprisonment or murder, those Jews who could began to leave Germany. Some moved to Palestine.

T. E. Lawrence
 (1888-1935), known as Lawrence of Arabia, was a British soldier who 
helped to lead an Arab revolt against the Ottoman Empire during
World War I. After that war many Arabs hoped to see a new Arab nation, including Palestine. 
This did not happen.
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The growing numbers of immigrants led to fighting between Jews and Arab, and Britain tried to restrict the numbers of settlers allowed in. 
After World War II, many more Jews wanted to move to Palestine. Britain took the matter to the United Nations (U.N.) and, in 1947, it was decided to split Palestine into two states, one Jewish and the other Arab. Jerusalem would become an international city, because it was sacred to Jews, Muslims & Christians. The Jews agreed to this, but the Arab did not. British gave up it mandate on 14 May, 1948 and, on the same day, the Jewish leader David Ben-Gurion announced the founding of the state of Israel. The Arab League (Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Jordan and Egypt) declared war on Israel and attacked. Israel quickly defeated them, gaining even more territory.

Polish-born David Ben-Gurion
(1886-1973) emigrated to Palestine in 1906. Known as the 'Father of the Nation',
he was Israel's first Prime Minister
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Golda Meir
(1898-1978) was Israel's Prime Minister from 1969-1974. Born in Russia,
she lived in U.S. as a child and moved to Palestine in 1921.
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The Wailing Wall in Jerusalem is a Jewish place of prayer. After 1948, the wall was
in the part of the city held by Jordan. Israel regained it in 1967 and claimed all Jerusalem as its capital. Finding a future for Jerusalem that satisfies all has proved very difficult.
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Brief of history details.

1840 - After brief rule by Egypt, Palestine become part of the Ottoman Empire again.

1882 - First Zionist settlement established in Palestine.

1917 - The Balfour Declaration supports a Jewish homeland in Palestine.

1920 - The Treaty of Sevres ends the Ottoman Empire.

1922 - Britain is given the mandate to govern Palestine.

1929 - First major conflict between Jews & Arabs.

1933 - Persecution of the Jews begins in Germany.

1939 - Britain agrees to restrict the number the number of Jews emigrating to Palestine.

1947 - The United Nations (U.N.) votes to divide Palestine.

1948 - On 14 May, the state of Israel is founded and the Arab League declares war.

1949 - A United Nations negotiated ceasefire leaves Israel with the territory given to it in 1947.    

I wanted to share this story after reading Datuk Paduka Marina Mahathir, The Star online on Thursday 22 November, 2012. Please read study and understand the History first before condemning on any issues. We're Malaysian that with multi racial and harmony. Please keep this harmony forever.  

Hope this History that i shared may help all the readers mind and stop making thing worse for our harmony country... No point for boycotting McD, i'm sure everyone have a Facebook account  and the owner Mark Zuckerberg is a Jewish too, why no one said about boycotting FACEBOOK?

Mark Zuckerberg (14 May, 1984)
Chairman and Chief Executive of Facebook.Inc
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Happy reading and understand the Israel & Palestine History cos my 12 years old son had known the history since he was 9... Cos i bought a World History for family knowledge. Reading gain knowledge.  

P.S. - I am not supporting any religion in my post and i am neither one of the religion said above. So guys, keep PEACE in MALAYSIA. Its a really nice loving peaceful country.                         

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