Friday, 21 December 2012


For you Mrs. I

Mrs. I, you may be happy with what you've done but its FAILED. Don't be too PROUD and happy first. With al the lies you've spread out about my love one and yet you don't wanna APOLOGIZE, its ok i let you win now.. Remember, there is always someone up there looking at what you're doing, for me i'm grateful and THANKS for that cos now i even stronger and firmer than ever.

Just go one with that, i don't mind cos you're a LOSER.

That's the TASTE of what you're getting now, no matter how SWEET 
your lies is and no matter how many person believe it.

Don't worry, no revenge will be taken by me, you'll be SCREW up one day. I'll just leave it to the GOD.
He's more powerful than anyone else in this whole wide world..

All i can do is PRAY you can have a long life to see my LOVE one SUCCESS.

You'll have it back in the END for what you've put out, trust me.. GOD is FAIR..

LIFE is SHORT, better i ENJOY it than thinking of REVENGING 
my own.

No need for you to WORRY anything about US now, 
just WORRIED about yourself... Hahaha..

I have a beautiful one..

Don't worry, will be PRAYING for you too, cos our HEART is WIDE open.
Maybe you're doing this to my LOVE one, cos you've a SMALL and full of JEALOUSY HEART

Always REMEMBER, whatever GOES around, will COMES around... Be PATIENT, GOD tells me its COMING to you SOON

P.S We're more HAPPY than ever, thanks for all your LIES...

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  1. Sometimes, I wonder how they used their brain. Or 80% inside their brain is doing evil thing only. Haha!

    By the way, they said we are conman?! Hahaha...they losing and became loser everyday!

    Good post hubby!

    p/s btw, I like your phrases 'to the narrow minded person who are afraid of his wife' ha ha ha!


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