Thursday, 16 August 2012

New Creation - Ideal Menu

Yesterday, thought of making something special with my own creation & recipes, tally it an adoption from ginseng herbal chicken soup. My new own recipes Steam Ginseng Herbal Crab. My darling and my prince says its YUMMY. Actually i hate to eat crab at home cos I'm the only one who served everyone in the family. HAHA! That why my darling said she found a perfect man. Eat crab without dirtying hands. Hehehe... 
Always with chicken ginseng herbal soup for my wife, now its something new and special. Going to try with others seafood this coming Sunday.
Using the ginseng herbal bag...

This is the yummy dish, that is what my darling comment..

This is another special dish, pork rib with plum sauce, my prince love  it very much...

Fried the pork rib till it cooked, then cook it with plum sauce and others ingredients..
This is the pork ribs with plum sauce... Looks yummy, right?
Lastly, handmad fish ball soup...

Till then, trying to think of new recipes. Hope that can make a new recipe and will post it very soon. 

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