Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Tenom - Agricultural Park

A vacation to Tenom is interesting by  train, you can feel the excitement even though riding a very old train. We can enjoy the scenery, power hydro station and the famous white rafting , padas river. Had the opportunity to feel the people in the early 20th century hard time travelling and transporting their good to kk, they only land transport that they had at that time, by train.
Once arrived Tenom, never miss the Agriculture Park. You can a mini bus from town to the agriculture park only cost you RM 3.00. Located 15km away from town with the size of the park is 200 hectares. The park is divided into few interesting category. Native orchid, crops museum, ornamental garden, plant evolution & plant adoption garden, model garden, bee centre & museum, animal park, camping ground, restaurant and lastly rooms for overnight stays.

The most interesting thing that really caught my attention is a Canon Ball Fruit, its a non edible fruits but look a lot like Bambangan(sabahan local edible fruit). Got a very hard shell, that is why it was name as a canon ball.

This is the Canon Ball fruit tree, a huge tree with a very beautiful flowers...

This is the flower that later will grow into the canon ball.. From a beautiful flower that turn into a big canon ball, is it interesting?

Close up look of the lovely flower...

Is it really look like a bambangan? That is my first thought when i see the fruit. Even when ask, i just told them is bambangan... Later the park ranger told us that is a canon ball fruit... 

My handsome prince is very curious and exciting about the fruit. Now he had learn something new..

Here a little story what the park had for us... They provided a mini train journey that bring us to the main 5 garden Native orchid garden, model garden, plant adoption garden, ornamental garden and plant evolution garden. They 3 trail track with different length and view. They provide bicycle rental for your own journey and adventure in the park.

Boaring on the mini train..

Here goes the journey...

My darling, view the nice scenery, like in bollywood movie.. Its a bougainvilleas garden. Lots of nice colours..

I'm a lucky man, having a beautiful darling. Feel like i'm with Kajol... Hehehe...

This is the tropical flowers garden. Lots of tropical flower that we hardly see, you can find it here.. 
You can learn and see lots of species...

 This in the lily glade. 

 Our Malaysian Pride, Hibiscus garden. Family photo..

The hibiscus garden.

My story will stop here first, try to upload more information later.. Readers, if there's any family vacation you need, you can try it out to Tenom...

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