Wednesday, 28 November 2012

My Empress

My better half

Last night, when i go through all the photo album in my lappy, i started to think of a story for my blog. This is my better half, i known her when she's just only sweet 17(a little girl),that is why i always said she's 18(macam 18 kan). Actually at that time i was disturbing her aunt that is together with her. But in vain(no respond from her aunt) and its not really failed. Instead she's the one who replied to my call... Hehehehe... 
Am i just a lucky old man(beruk lagi hansem dari sia)? Hehehe... We started to go out for date almost everyday. She's a cheerful girl... We engaged when she's just only 20 and decided to tied a knot 2 years later(kalau cinta dah melekat, tahi gigi pun dianggap coklat).. She love fashion(you can see it), cats, rabbits and this lucky old man very much... She's everything to me and my whole family. She gave me 3 lovely and smart prince. She's more slimmer when i know her, she use to complaint that she had put on weight, i told her its nothing, anyway "lemak berkrim, disukai ramai"... Hehehe...

This is when she was 31 yrs old. She's a 1st runners up for evergreen mum organised by KK Plaza and Servay Hypermarket.. (Just give her all the support that she need at that time) For me, she deserved a champ, anyway she's my EMPRESS forever...

This was taken this year with The Super GT Queen, isn't she's beautiful like the Queen too?
That is why i never put my eye on others girl(nanti kena tarik telinga)

She's multi-racial. I did told her that she look like a Indian girl, Its true?
Even when she use to work in hotel line, few of the guest ever ask her "Are you a Filipino"?
Some even said she look like chinese... That's why i said she multi-racial.. And just a lucky old man to have her in my life...

She love Cheong Sam, she got the wardrobe full off Cheong Sam. This kebaya is ready for her to wear anytime but she instead not to... Huhuhu... She still got the FIGURE dresses that she love... Hehehe... Only my pocket will hurt... I think everyone want her in this lovely Kebaya right? 
Girl, put it on...
To my lovely EMPRESS, I LOVE U!!!


  1. Oh my.. Wyne is so lucky to have you as her husband. :) So sweet and loving too.. :)

    1. Actually i'm the lucky one... Hehehe... Thanks..


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