Tuesday, 10 July 2012


Last evening had a last minute decision to have a lovely dinner with my family, in conjunction of our Anniversary... We're having our simple dinner at Airways Putatan.. Even though it just a simple place for a dinner, but it had a really tasty delicious meal... We just have a simple family set dinner for four(1soup, 2 dishes you can choose either fish, lamb or beef and 1vege or tauhu or egg) for only RM38.00++... 

This was taken by Edvyne(6yrs old). I think this shot is better...
Anyway, it just a Beauty & the Beast...HAHA!

My Empress favourite soup, fish maw...

My Empress favourite Lamb chop kim dou style...

 Our prince favourite claypot japanese tauhu with mushroom

My Empress favourite Fried prawn kim sah style
This dish is yummy, their own recipes with salted egg, bird chilli, curry leaf with their secret recipes.

My Empress drink Airways Mixed Fresh Fruits(honeydew,watermelon,longan&fresh milk) 
According to my Empress, its yummy...

For my Prince....(love me tender)

This is for me, wash my stomach after meal... (being a garbage tank for my family)

Total just cost me RM65.95
Worth it...

Last 2 shot of my Empress...
Hope she enjoy the nice lovely dinner...
There's a very special occasion coming soon, maybe will make it grand (still under planning), some of our precious friends will invite... The right choice i make for myself, for choosing her as my Empress... She's very special to me... Thanks for being with me and been through all the long and winding 

LOVE you...


  1. Atukkoiii! Dlm byk2 tu lah gambar sa ko kasi post *belusir bertapuk* punyaaa bidaaa tu!!

    Wait, special occasion? BAhhh, jangan ko, ada trus list sa ni. Mau jemput Chegu Carol, Eudora, Tom, AnnieMing, Kay,'s gonna be a long list of names :D :D

    1. I plan it first, you invite them... No problem... You know we got something very UNIQUE...

  2. Dinner is always perfect ba for anniversary celebration. Happy wedding anniversary to both of u!

    1. Macam satu kemestian untuk ada dinner. Hehe..thanks again to you sis.


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