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Nice story
(This is just a story, nothing concern to anyone living or dead the photo are just for illustration only)

There were two men who were both seriously ill. They were put in the same hospital room, beside each other. One man, John, was allowed to sit up in his bed for an hour a day to drain the fluids from his lung while the other , Ian had to remain flat on his back. The room's only window was beside the one who was able to sit up in his bed.

The two chatted for hours every day. They told each other all about their lives. Every afternoon when John sat up in his bed to drain his lung, he would also narrate to his room mate what he saw outside the window. Ian yearned for this one hour session everyday. It was the only time when his world was enlivened and filled with colour and excitement of the outside world. John would describe what he saw to Ian. "There is a park across the road. In the heart of the park sit a huge lake with ducks and swans playing on the water. There are children playing around, some are cycling, some are playing with model boats, and some are just running around. Lovers walking arm in arm...."

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While John described what he saw in details, Ian would close his eyes and imagine the beautiful sight.

One day, both men heard trumpets and drums outside. Excitedly, Ian urged, "Tell me! What do you see?" "It's a parade!" John said happily. "There must have been about a hundreds people in the band. The conductor is tossing..." Ian closed his eye and imagined. He saw exactly what John described. Suddenly his mind went blank. A resentful thought cross his mind, "Why do i always only get to listen? Why can't i be the one to see for myself?" Over time, he grew bitter.

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Late one night, Ian was tossing around in his bed. Then he heard John coughing. The coughing did not stop but got worse. Ian turned and saw John choking. It must have been the fluid in his lungs. John was struggling to reach for the button to call for help. Ian just lay in his bed and watched. He could have helped to call for the nurse' attention. In less than three minutes, the choking stopped. John's breathing stopped too. The room was dead silent.

The next morning, John's motionless body was discovered and quickly removed from the room. As soon as Ian felt it was appropriate, he requested to be moved next to the window. Without hesitation, the nurse made a switch.

Slowly, Ian struggled to push himself to sit up. Though painful, his face was gleaming with delight. Finally, he managed to sit up, and he was overcome with relief and joy. As he slowly turned to look out of the window, he saw a blank wall.
In fact, John had never seen anything. He was equally under privileged as Ian, but he choose to be more happy. Life is like a bank account; if we regularly deposit positive, encouraging and uplifting thoughts, if we bite our lips just before we complain or grumble, we will find that there is much to rejoice about.

Readers, this is just a moral story, no matter what happened, never give up, and be positive... The more positive thinking will make our life even more beautiful.. Happy reading...

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